You can explore the Kaleici, one of the oldest cities in history, and see the ancient Roman walls up close and walk through the Horian Gate. You can choose Antalya special city tours to experience a holiday experience where you can accumulate unforgettable memories. At the same time, many tourist areas are waiting for you, such as old houses, a city with a marina, cafes, restaurants, a spice market and a textile market.

Explore Antalya!

When you come to Antalya, you can visit the world famous Antalya Archaeological Museum alongside these special places which are among the must-see places. You can also visit Düden waterfall and watermelon Kaldıran waterfall for renovation.

Antalya has been welcoming many local and foreign tourists since ancient times due to its geographical location and historical texture. To see these beauties up close and enjoy the holiday with a comfortable tour to the end of your business can agree with the tour companies and you can discover many beauties in a short time.

Quality Holidays In Antalya
For a quality holiday experience in Antalya, you can rediscover the historical fabric of Antalya and visit the charming shopping areas and explore the city on your own during the tour. If you want to experience a fun and dynamic holiday, you can explore all of Antalya with tours for the city and collect new memories.

Experience beautiful days you can contact us for an unforgettable holiday experience through our professional team. You need to opt for a tour that does its job well to experience a quality holiday and accumulate beautiful memories.

Antalya City Tour Program
With Vip vehicles, we provide our guests with a complete transfer and transportation service from the hotel. You can explore all the natural beauties of Antalya and enjoy a quality and comfortable holiday through professional guides and vip vehicles.

During the full 7-hour tour you can get the chance to see the rarest places to see Antalya. You will see the Düden waterfall, Marina, Republic Square, clock tower, Hadrianus gate, Ottoman houses, Terra City and local markets in the tut program, which you can start at any time during the morning hours, and you will once again admire the magnificent nature of Antalya.



Private Shopping Tours
Apart from the beaches and special historical places that receive the most visitors, there are also shopping streets in Antalya. These streets, where women do not return every year without stopping by, are the precursors of many products.

Turkey has become a global brand in many products, from carpets to jewellery. Apart from these, it is a center in the textile sector. For this reason, you can easily find the product of the brand you want from the shopping streets in Antalya.

Shopping tours can be accompanied by a community or can take place in the form of private tours. You can make your purchases in any time period with the help of the driver’s guidance.

The Mediterranean region, which is the most fertile region for visitors, has many cities that host thousands of guests a year on its coastline. Antalya is the Pearl of the Mediterranean.

Antalya is a city where thousands of local and foreign tourists are the center of attention every year. It gathers the satisfaction of visitors with its beach, historical sites and interesting entertainment places. Since there are many important and interesting places to go, it will often be very difficult to move individually. It is the right decision to choose a company that suits you for an efficient city stroll and join the tours that interest you.



Antalya Perge & Aspendos Tour


As a word, Pamphylia means’ land of the races’. In history, many races of people have lived peacefully in these lands at the same time; this is the most distinctive feature that distinguishes Pamphylia from other ancient settlements. It is a region between the ancient cities of Pamphylia, Lycia and Cilicia, covering the east of Antalya. The important cities of Pamphylia are Perge, Sillyon, Attaleia, Aspendos and side.

Landmarks In Perge
The ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos are also within the region. Perge was also the capital of the Pamphylian region in the past. The theatre, Stadium, Agora, Colonnaded Street, Hellenistic gate and the ancient ruins of the South Bath are worth seeing in the region. There are many caves in the Pamphylia region that were used as settlements before history and are open to visitors today.

Karain, Oküzini caves, bademağacı, Beldibi belbaşı rock shelters are places frequented by tourists. Perge was named Metropolis of the Pamphylian region according to Greek records.

During your visit to Antalya Perge, our tour operator will give you detailed information about the history of this region. We will also not pass by without seeing the natural beauty that is close to the area. Kurşunlu waterfall is one of the natural beauties we especially want to show to our friends. We’ll also take a break for you to photograph at the aqueducts of Rome. Once Upon a time, these aqueducts were used to bring water from the mountainous areas to the settlements.

Aspendos Landmarks
Antalya Aspendos Tur, one of the most important ancient cities in Pamphylia region, is located in Belkıs village of Serik district. It is an open-air theatre and hosts many events. The architect of the theatre is Zenon, the greatest feature of which is that it is acoustic. It is the only surviving example of the Roman Theatre. In addition to this feature, our tour operator will transfer the other important architectural features of the theatre to you during your trip.

When you throw metal money on the floor on the stage of the theater, you can easily hear the sound from the top of the acoustic feature. A small voice can easily be heard from the top of the theater. This experience will surprise you quite. You will experience this during our tour.



Demre Tour, Myra Kekova Tour, St. Nicolas Tour


Kekova Island, a rocky island connected to Demre, is a natural wonder that has been limited to settlement over the centuries and has perhaps managed to preserve its natural beauty in this way. On this island, where the most beautiful shades of blue and green can be seen, there are hostels and cafes for the accommodation of tourists.

One of the features that makes this island special is the uniqueness and excess of ancient ruins. On the island, whose highest peak is 188 meters, the seabed reaches 105 meters. The ancient city of Kekova, which has been flooded by earth tremors and earthquakes over the centuries, can still be seen under the crystal water with the Kekova Tour. You can reach the island by boat tours and have a pleasant time. In the Blue, Yesil presence of the sea you meet unique landscapes that you will not see anywhere.

Kekova kamp in the ancient city of Myra in the Demre district of our beautiful Antalya province is one of the important cities of Lycia, the land of lights. It is not hard to admire this city, but it attracts attention with rock tombs built meters high and reliefs belonging to the deceased or family members. Its prominence in trade and the bishopric of St. Nicholas in Myra, which may have been the capital of Lycia in history, brought the city the reputation it deserved.

The city of Myra became the home of the Romans after the Lycians, leaving behind the imposing ancient theatre that had survived. Tourists from many corners of the Earth to tour this glorious city, to step past the stage of history Nor do they leave without visiting Nicolas Church. This is the most interesting place for the children of the tour, which is especially preferred by families with children. The Church of St. Nicholas, which is not only sacred to the Christian community but a sacred icon for all mankind, and which most of us know as “Santa Claus,” is the focus of interest for domestic and foreign tourists.

Inside the church, there is a tomb and frescoes with sarcophagi thought to be that of Santa Claus. The Legend is that the miracles that Santa Claus is believed to have performed are also noted in the workings on the church wall. If you are planning to come to Antalya and want to touch this magical air of history, Nicolas, you must not return without seeing the church, feeling the ancient city of Kekova, stepping through Myra’s Theatre.


Why Should You Join A Tour?

You’re on a holiday to get rid of the fatigue of the whole year, and you’re fighting the duration of that holiday too. Unproductively ending this holiday won’t even be your last choice. To avoid this, you can start by choosing a tour company that best suits you and your budget. After this choice, you will be able to spend your holiday time in the most efficient way by creating a travel schedule based on the places of interest. In this way, you will see that problems such as material, transportation, and time are eliminated.

Tours In Antalya
In order for visitors to have a productive time, several companies are organized more than one tour. Some are:

Rafting and Canyon touring

Scuba diving tour

Safari tour with ATV

Day trips to Pamukkale

Trips to special historic sites

Boat and Bay Tours

City tour

Shopping tour

You can spend productive time with a company that will be most suitable for you by identifying those who are interested in these tours.


Prıvate Transfer

VIP transfer refers to the service provided for people to be picked up from their location and taken to any point they want. Today, many people can travel outside of the city or country for a variety of reasons. During these travels, they need some vehicles that they can use to go to bus stations or airports. VIP transfer services, especially in long distances, can be life-saving for people. In addition, VIP transfer services are not only used when going to destinations such as the airport or bus terminal. Apart from that, it is possible to go to any point you want from any point you are with VIP transfer services. VIP transfer services are preferred especially for long distances where taxis are very expensive. Thus, it becomes possible to travel more economically. So, what are the benefits of VIP transfer services to their users? Why should people prefer VIP transfer services? Let’s examine it together.


Benefits of VIP Transfer Services


VIP transfer services provide many benefits to its users. It is possible to list these benefits as follows.


• First of all, VIP transfer services make people’s lives much easier. Because with VIP transfer services, people can reach their desired point from their current location very quickly and easily.


• VIP transfer services are very economical. In case of long distances by commercial vehicles such as taxis, large amounts of money must be paid. However, with VIP transfer services, it is possible to travel economically over long distances. In this way, people do not pay much more than they have to pay and can travel economically.


• VIP transfer services offer a very comfortable journey. Thanks to the vehicles allocated only for you, you will have a very comfortable journey no matter how much you have. There is often a situation where taxi drivers do not pick you up because you have a lot of belongings. However, there is no such possibility in VIP transfer services. The vehicle is allocated according to the number of people who will travel to the abundance of your belongings. In this direction, you will have a very comfortable and trouble-free travel and you can easily reach wherever you want.


• Before your journey, your vehicle awaits you ready. In this direction, you do not waste time finding extra vehicles. In addition to profiting economically, you also save time. In addition, the fee you will pay for VIP transfer services is determined in advance. You will not encounter any surprises at the end of your trip


If you want to take advantage of the benefits of VIP transfer services, you can make your trip with VIP transfers.


We are at Your Service with Top Quality VIP Transfer


Above, we gave you detailed information about VIP transfer. We talked about the benefits you can take advantage of with the VIP transfer service. You should also take advantage of these benefits and get a quality VIP transfer service. For this, you need to make sure that the company that provides VIP transfer service is of high quality and professional. In this direction, you should do a detailed research and contact the company that suits you best. Our company has been providing quality and professional VIP transfer service since its establishment. Our main goal is to ensure that our customers reach their desired destination without any problems by having a quality and comfortable journey. With our expert and experienced staff, we can easily state that the service we provide to our customers is of the highest quality. If you want to take advantage of the VIP transfer services we offer to our customers and make a quality journey, you can contact us. You can get information about any question you have in mind and find out the price information about the route you will go to.


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Congress and Faır Transportatıon

Antalya Fair Congress Transportation


With our Antalya fair congress transfer service, we offer a comfortable service for visitors who come to attend fairs, congresses and seminars in Antalya. We are at your service with our experienced and trained team to reach your destination in the fastest and safest way with fair, congress and seminar transfer services. Especially for the visitors coming to Antalya, which takes the title of the fair events and congresses held every year in Antalya Fair, as well as the city of fairs and congresses, we provide transfer service with our experienced team to ensure that they reach their destination from their location in the best conditions and they do not waste any time. We offer our group passengers the best and trouble-free transportation option for fairs, congresses and seminars with VIP vehicles, private vehicles or buses and minibuses. We transport you to the areas or hotels where fairs, congresses or seminars are held with our professional, experienced and friendly drivers who welcome you from Antalya Airport. We aim to provide the highest possible quality service to you, your colleagues or working groups with fair, congress and seminar transfer, and we aim to increase our service quality continuously.


It is under the assurance of our company that our passengers, who come from different countries or different cities by the airport to participate in the fair, congress or seminar in Antalya, reach their destination safely and peacefully after being picked up from the airport. As in most countries and cities, the distance of the airports from the city center can make it a difficult process to reach the fair, congress or seminar areas outside the city center. The traffic and population densities experienced during the fair periods can increase the waiting and delay times in the traffic and cause an increase in the stress level. We strive to provide transportation services that will minimize the loss of time for our passengers who are involved in city traffic and do not want to waste time and do not want to increase their stress level by driving. Our company AKIN Transfer aims to host you in the best way and to provide you with the best possible travel experience during your journey from the airport to the hotel, fair, congress or seminar hall, and continues to work to bring you passengers back to the airport after the fair, seminar or congress.


Continue your journey by minimizing the loss of time with Antalya fair, congress, seminar transfer service, which is both a fast and reliable way to reach the fair, congress and seminar points you will visit from Antalya airport. With AKIN Transfer, we offer the fastest, safest and most comfortable way to reach the center or hall you want to reach with a fair, congress, seminar transfer from the airport.

Car Rental Wıth Drıver

Our company operates in the Antalya region and also provides services for chauffeur-driven car rental. High quality luxury vehicles, safe, time sensitive, attention to detail is provided with our professional team. We are honored to accompany you with our transfer Services, which are valid throughout the Antalya region.

Advantage Of Chauffeur-Driven Car Rental

We take our esteemed local or foreign guests from Antalya airport and provide a drop-off service to the hotel. If you wish, according to your demands, our professional driver will assign our friends between the Points you want to go. In the process, we make sure that conditions are met that allow you to enjoy the journey.

Quality, Safe Transfer Process In Antalya Region

We pay close attention to on-board cleaning, comfort and maintenance; we care about quality service delivery. The vehicle images that will be offered in our service can be seen on our site. You can specify if you have a special request for the vehicle that will come to you. We are happy to assist you in the supply of the food and beverages you wish to have in the vehicle.

What Vehicles Will You Travel In?

Our preferred vehicles are mercedes and we continue our service with the vehicles we receive positive feedback from our customers as a result of performance evaluations. While you sit back and watch the streets of our beautiful city Antalya, we will continue to offer services suitable to your route in the name of not lacking any views.

Precision In The Selection Of Our Drivers

Our drivers consist of professionals with at least 7 years experience in driving. You are offered pricing options based on the vehicle you choose, the number of days you want to rent and the distance criteria, otherwise you will not be faced with a status chart. If you rent a chauffeur-driven vehicle, you are not responsible for any damage caused by the vehicle for any reason.

Continuity In Communication With 24/7 Transportation

While you enjoy Antalya, you sit back and enjoy comfort, pleasure and a safe journey from point A to point B. Our company’s e-mail, phone, WhatsApp and viber lines are available 24/7 and you can contact us whenever you want. We continue to work for your satisfaction without time constraints. You can call us for other services or review them on our website.

We Take Into Account Our Guests ‘ Feedback

We assess the feedback of our customers who prefer us, and reassess our process by exhibiting dedication and sacrifice. For more detailed information call us.