Passenger Transport and Service Agreement

Passenger Transport and Service Agreement


AKIN Transfer will be referred to as ‘AKIN VIP Transfer’.

The person whose name and surname are specified in the reservation and / or the people they represent will be referred to as “Consumer or Customer”.


This contract has been concluded between the consumer and AKIN Transfer. This contract has been arranged for the sales of services made by phone or electronic environment of the services whose qualifications and conditions of sale are specified on the website of AKIN Transfer, and includes the rights and acquisitions of the parties.

With this contract, the parties have agreed to provide transfer service from the addresses or hotels determined by them before and after the flight to the airports and / or the opposite direction within the framework of the following contract terms for the provision of this service by AKIN Transfer.

3-Service and Payment Information

– The contract price is the number stated in the reservation confirmation form.

– Different point requests requested in the private transfer service other than the route (s) specified in the reservation; The amount to be determined by AKIN Transfer for each different point on the route and if it is not included is included in the price, if not on the route, by the passenger in the region.


– AKIN Transfer has the right to make changes to the transfer vehicle without any fee changes, without notifying the consumer when necessary. If the customer does not accept this change, he has the right to cancel his reservation and receive the full amount he has paid. In this case, the customer does not have the right to compensation.

– With this contract, the consumer authorizes the credit card information entered in the system and AKIN Transfer for the collection of the service fee. AKIN Transfer system is encrypted with 3D Security and the consumer is responsible for the credit card information entered.

– Invoice issuance period V.U.K. It is 7 days including the date of purchase on condition of not skipping the month as required.

Service Type:

– One way transfer

– Two way transfer

– Vehicle allocation with driver

– Private Tour options

4-Vehicle Type: Vehicle type chosen by the customer

– Vip vehicle (Vito / Transporter)

– Minibus ( Sprinter / Crafter)

– Midibus

– Bus


5-Payment method:

– Advance (Payment to the driver in the vehicle)

– Bank (Money Transfer / Eft to Company accounts)

– Credit Card (Online Payment via the website)

6-Number of Persons: The number of Persons must specify the Consumer.

7-General Provisions

Passengers are required to wear seat belts for traffic laws and life safety.

Even if the consumer does not sign this contract with a bank or credit card for any reason, he / she is deemed to have learned the terms of the contract, which will be valid between the parties, through the website or announcements and agree to receive the service in the written terms of the contract.

In order to benefit from the service subject to this contract, the consumer business must have booked at least 6 (six) hours before the service hour. It should be booked no later than 48 (forty eight) hours before the transfer time on religious and national holidays, on New Year and public holidays. The reservation can be canceled by the customer up to 6 hours before. In this case, the customer is refunded. For cancellations made later, service fee will not be refunded. The route to be followed along the way from the service point of departure to the destination; It is determined exclusively by AKIN Transfer, taking into account traffic, road conditions and other criteria.

In transfer services other than allocation and tour services, the customer is not authorized to change this route. In this context, the requests of the passenger to visit a different location between the specified routes and to wait for a while at this location cannot be accepted. AKIN Transfer is only obliged to deliver the customer from one point to a specified point, from the point to the airport or from the airport to a certain point. AKIN Transfer is obliged to allocate a vehicle suitable for the number of passengers and baggage volume determined during the online purchase of the consumer. AKIN Transfer; The business undertakes that all the vehicles it will allocate to the service subject to this contract will be insured completely, periodic maintenance of its vehicles will be done completely, materials such as spare wheel, first aid kit, fire extinguisher tube, reflector that will be present in the vehicle will be available. AKIN Transfer will not be liable for any damages in case of any traffic accident that may occur during the service and other reasons, if the customer is damaged in physical or material or the goods are damaged.


In such a case, the Customer accepts and declares in advance that AKIN Transfer will not have any responsibilities arising from the 66th article of the debts law and other provisions of the legislation. The articles of AKIN Contract Transfer liability are reserved. Despite the allocation of the vehicle suitable for the transfer service, the transfer is carried out without exceeding the legally determined terms of transport of the vehicle in the event that the number of people and the amount of baggage determined at the time of purchase are exceeded. Passengers or baggage exceeding legal limits are not accepted. In the event that the customer releases the transfer service for this reason, no refund is made. The customer is obliged to document that he is the customer who bought the service to AKIN Transfer personnel in the vehicle at the transfer point with the identity documents or reservation document issued by the legal authorities. The customer who does not fulfill this obligation will not be transferred.

In case of any situation or operational cancellation and / or other delays that have been booked by the customer for the transportation service but due to the change in flight schedules, the customer is obliged to inform AKIN Transfer by phone or by sending an e-mail to info@akinviptransfer.com. In case of delay or rotar that will occur for more than 3 hours, AKIN Transfer has the right to change the terms of service without informing the customer. In this context, if the flight is canceled for any reason, if the customer notifies the cancellation of AKIN Transfers by sending an e-mail to info@akinviptransfer.com, if the customer pays the transfer fee, the customer will be refunded without interruption within 7 days at the latest.

It is the responsibility of the customer to load and deliver the luggage to the vehicles completely and completely. AKIN Transfer is not responsible for the loss and damage of the items forgotten by the customer during the transfer. However, if the forgotten item is later noticed by AKIN Transfer personnel, upon the request of the customer, it is delivered to the address specified within the provincial boundaries of Antalya in return for an extra service fee.

AKIN Transfer does not have the responsibility of carrying bags, chests and similar items that may damage the vehicle as luggage during service. Each passenger has 20 kg of baggage per person. In case of any baggage loss or damage due to AKIN Transfer, the service fee is paid to the passenger as material and moral compensation for the goods that have not been previously declared in value. The customer accepts and undertakes to accept that there are no flammable, combustible, narcotic, fluent, odor, radioactive and any substances prohibited to be transported and possessed in the luggage subject to the transfer. If the presence of the items counted in the luggage is noticed by the driver, the baggage in question is not accepted in the vehicle. No refunds will be made if the transfer cannot occur during the evacuation of the mentioned items from the baggage or if the customer cannot catch the flight due to the lost time. Also, in this case, the customer cannot claim any rights or receivables under any name against AKIN Transfer. In the luggage; In the event that the above mentioned items are noticed, the situation will be reported to the competent authorities by AKIN Transfer immediately. The presence of the listed items is not noticed by the driver; if the law enforcement officers are detected during the transfer by stopping and searching; Any damages and losses that AKIN Transfer will suffer for this reason will be covered by the customer in cash and at once.

Pet transfer requests of the customer and the type of pet to be transported will be notified by the customer during the online purchase of the service. No animal transfer is made without this notification. There is no animal transfer alone without an adult customer. The animal to be transferred under these conditions can only be transported in the private cage in the section determined by AKIN Transfer personnel in the vehicle, at any time, by the customer. T. C. It is not possible to obtain, possess and transfer the animals whose transfer is against the law under any circumstances. In transfers from a certain point to the airport; AKIN declares and undertakes that the vehicle allocated for VIP Transfer will be located at the point determined at the time of transfer. The delay of 15 (fifteen) minutes from the transfer time will be considered reasonable delay. In case of delay exceeding 15 (fifteen) minutes, the customer does not have to wait for the vehicle. In this case, the transfer fee is returned to the customer. At transfer points such as the site, mass housing; In case the delay time of 15 (fifteen) minutes is exceeded because the site security officers prevent the vehicle from entering the site, the responsibility does not belong to AKIN Transfer. If 15 (fifteen) minutes is exceeded in this way and the customer does not wait for the vehicle, no refund is made. The customer must be present with their baggage at the point determined at the transfer time. If the customer is not present at the transfer point at the transfer time, the vehicle assigned to AKIN Transfer is obliged to wait for the customer for 15 (fifteen) minutes. If the customer does not reach the specified point with their luggage after 15 (fifteen) minutes, the vehicle is not obliged to wait further.

At the transfer point, AKIN Transfer personnel are not obliged to leave the vehicle, carry luggage, pet cage, and accompany the passenger to be transferred to the vehicle.

Transfer of children under the age of twelve will not be made without adult accompaniment. The transfer of the companion to the point of receipt depends on the purchase of the return service on the website. If wheelchair transfer is also requested with the customer to be transferred, this will be notified by the customer during the online purchase of the service. If the customer states when purchasing the service online, a baby seat will be placed in the vehicle to be allocated by AKIN Transfer.

In case of the weather and road conditions of the service subject to this contract, vehicle malfunction, sudden health problem related to the customer or driver, checks to be made by the law enforcement officers during transfer, and other reasons, if the passenger cannot catch the flight; AKIN Transfer is only obliged to return the prepaid service fee to the customer. The provisions of this contract, which provide for situations where no refund will be made, are reserved. They undertake to accept and declare that AKIN Transfer does not have the obligation to compensate for the flight ticket and other material / moral damages, except for the customer refund obligation. In case the customer gives up transfer during the transfer; AKIN Transfer is not obliged to transfer the customer back to the point received. If the work schedule of the vehicle does not allow, the customer is left in the nearest residential area in accordance with the traffic rules. In such a case, no refund is made. During the transfer of the customer; AKIN Transfer does not have such an obligation if the item is forgotten and if it is returned to the point where it was taken for any other reason and requested the completion of the transfer. It is up to the choice of AKIN Transfer to fulfill this demand of the customer as much as the work program of the vehicle allows. In such a case, AKIN Transfer is not responsible for the failure of the customer to catch a flight and any other damage, and no refund will be made. If the passengers or animals carried in the vehicle experience any health problems during the transfer; AKIN Transfer staff is obliged to immediately transfer the passenger to the nearest health unit. The opposite request of the passenger does not bind AKIN Transfer staff. The closest health unit may be official health institutions or private health institutions. AKIN Transfer is not responsible for any death, physical damage, material or any other damages that occur during and after the transfer of the passenger / animal with health problems to the nearest health unit. At the end of the transfer, the customer is obliged to sign the notification document that he has purchased the service and reached the destination. Upon the request of the customer, the invoice regarding the service will be sent to the address specified by the customer by AKIN Transfer.

– All akinviptransfer.com vehicles have mandatory accident and seat insurance.

– It is the customer’s responsibility to load and collect the baggage in full and complete vehicles at the beginning and end of the transfer.

– The responsibility of the complete and complete notification of the place to go or meeting during the reservation belongs to the customer.

– It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the full and complete phone number during the reservation in order to avoid any problems during the reception or the time of arrival, otherwise oteltransferi.com cannot be held responsible for any problems to be encountered.

– akinviptransfer.com reserves the right not to transport passengers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or endanger the safety of the driver and vehicle.

– No smoking in akinviptransfer.com vehicles.


8-Force Majeure

All kinds and characteristics of force majeure, natural events, adverse climatic conditions, social events, public movements, negative events in working life, all kinds of legal or illegal workers or employer movements, strikes, lockouts, union movements and if they are unable to fulfill their obligations under this contract as a result of job slowing actions, war, armed conflict, revolution, martial law or declaration of emergency, inter-group conflicts and riots. This contract will remain suspended until the mentioned situations / negative effects are over. The contract will enter into force once the conditions / negative effects of the aforementioned are over. Failure of the parties to fulfill their obligations as a result of force majeure does not give the other party the right to termination or compensation.


9-Cancellation Conditions and Other Provisions


No cancellation, change or refund can be made for the campaign product purchased by the passenger for any reason. Applications made to the bank or AKIN Transfer are not valid for requests for cancellations and refunds of reservations that are past date and time.


In the event of any disputes arising from the implementation of this contract, Turkish Laws will be applied and Antalya Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.

  1. Effective

The passenger (s) who do not have a signature in the contract but receive the service subject to the contract are deemed to have accepted the terms of the contract by reading and signing this contract by the third parties they have assigned to register on their behalf. This contract has been issued in two copies and signed by the parties, and in disputes arising from the contract, 4925 numbered Road Transport Law and other TC legislation are applied. Antalya courts and enforcement offices are authorized.

I have received a copy of this contract, which has been issued on our behalf, by reading, understanding and accepting the date and time of departure, road transport law number 4925, information on the website.

On behalf of the recipient (s)

Name-Surname / Date / Signature;

Signed on behalf of AKIN Transfer

Name-Surname / Date / Signature;